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I think it’s time for a rebrand , Let me tell you why… 

So I’ve decided I need to rebrand and there are a couple of reasons for this.

  • I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog (if you read on you’ll soon understand why)
  • I have found a new way to achieve my goals without sacrificing the amazing knowledge gained during my time at uni
  • And my partner and I are embarking on a journey that will only strengthen us this year (you can implement these tools too!)

Over the past year I’ve been committed and focused on becoming a Sports development officer, I’ve been passionate about using sport to address social issues and create opportunities for those who face barriers when they want to participate in sport. Alas, my efforts have been in vain, I was a jobless graduate signing on and feeling ridiculously sorry for myself (just ask anyone who’s close to me).

I went into a really bad state of depression and the only thing I would get up for, was a fitness class I attended on a Tuesday evening called totally shredded ran by the two Donnas (and if you haven’t been you should definitely get down there for a wicked jungle sesh, I will pop the deets at the bottom for anyone interested). I laid in bed the remainder of the time applying for jobs and feeling deflated when I wouldn’t hear back. I was so passionate and yet no one would employ me. What was I doing wrong.?

This went on for some time and many people around me became simply fed up of my general attitude towards life. And do you know what, so was I. I started baking and drawing; two things that I have grown to love as a pastime. I don’t know how but something in me changed. I wanted more from my life and I’m still working on achieving that, but right now I feel positive about this new path I’m taking. (I’ll explain a bit later on)

These classes reminded me that I had something I was still passionate about, something I enjoyed. Im kicking myself though, as since they broke up for Christmas, I haven’t been back! My partner was really supportive during my low time and for that I adore him. This year he suggested we start an aspirations and memories jar, so with my love for arts and craft I came up with this little gem!


As you can see we’ve started putting bits in already. 

This is where you could probably grab a pen if you want to do this yourself (this doesn’t have to be a couples thing, it can also be an individual thing it’s great for personal growth)

How this works is you have two areas. One for ASPIRATIONS and one for MEMORIES.

If it’s just you, take two different coloured post-it’s and allocate one to each area. If there’s two, then you both do the same and make sure you both have different colours.

Over the duration of the year if you get a memory or aspiration you pop a date on the (allocated coloured) post-it note and write a little note. Fold it up and pop it in the jar/tub/pot (whatever you decide to use).

In the last week of the year open it up and see if you managed to achieve your goals for the year from your memories. This is ideal to see where you need to focus your energies for the coming year. I’ll definitely be writing about that too.


Anyway, where was I?

This year I decided that I wanted to further my understanding of the sport and fitness industry and was contacted by an incredible lady who runs pop up fitness dance parties called ‘The Fitness Blastoff’ (Which are incredible by the way, I attended a dancehall pop up party in January, I’m really excited for the big bash in April, check out the site for more info ^^). She invited me to assist her in the marketing and communications of her business and I accepted. This was a great opportunity to learn some really valuable skills. I have also had the opportunity the help someone see the fruition of their brand and I work with her proudly. The opportunities that await me on this journey leave me excited and anxious at the same time, this is a game changer for me and I’m determined to make the most of it.

I have also decided to further my qualifications in an area that allows me to be active but working on a more technical aspect of fitness. I have begun my Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 PT course, I’m super excited and one of the biggest perks is I’m doing it alongside my partner. This is a step in the right direction for me and I have plans to gain a few ore qualifications along the way which I hope will help me to become a more well rounded and varied personal trainer.

I want to make a difference and there is nothing that will stop me. This is my journey now, and I’m gonna own it!

THE DEETSS (as promised)

The Donna’s Totally Shredded Class @ 7pm



SE23 1DL


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