Social Media + Validation = Problems

The Art of Mindfulness


You don’t have to be a psychologist or some expert in mental health to see that on social media, for many, validation is king.

In 2016, 2.34billion people were active users of social networks. To put this into perspective, social media users make up 68.3% of internet users and these figures continue to rise. The social media generation. The most connected generation ever. However, there is a steep price being paid by many users in return for this level of connectivity.

Validation on social media is such a prevalent concept that it almost doesn’t need explaining, it is said to be an underlying contributor to why we share 30 billion pieces of content a month. In basic terms, validation on social media is fuelled by the need or perceived need for acceptance by our peers and/or strangers. If you post a picture and get annoyed that you didn’t…

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