Homelessness – A Blight on our Society?

Such an inspirational post. Makes you really think about how we as a society treat the homeless, and on occasion use their misfortune to make ourselves look ‘good’. Videos are constantly emerging on social media of people doing “good deeds” for homeless people. But they are just like any other human being helping them is like helping your friend, people are focusing too much on the ‘ranking’ of the person instead of the fact that they are a person. Take a deeper look at the issues surrounding homelessness here and share your thoughts.

The Art of Mindfulness

cuddly-toy-costume-disguised-easter-bunnyIf you take a walk around Trafalgar Square at night, you can’t miss it. Every other shop door is filled with weather-torn belongings and sleeping bags. Inside the sleeping bags lay men and women who live a life of despondency on the streets of London. The outcasts. The pitied. The forgotten people of London and the forgotten in cities around the world – the homeless.

It can be argued that if something does not personally affect a person, they will oft-times not concern themselves with that thing. This is arguably true when speaking of homelessness. How many times has a homeless person approached you only to be given the cold shoulder or the unwanted coppers in your pockets?

Homelessness is a rising issue around the world. Closer to home, in London, homelessness is rising at such a rate that it is impossible not to be conscious of it. A…

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