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Let’s discuss with John (3)

The latest blogger to offer up their words of wisdom is the lovey John from JohnsRoadToVolunteering

Q1) What is the topic of your blog? And how long have you been blogging?
Since December 2012, I’ve been using my personal story to share thoughts on volunteering and charity work, with most recent times focusing on blogging tips, personal development and personal issues such as Bullying, Cancer, and my career.

Q2) What tips do you have for making yourself stand out in the blogging world?

You mentioned it in your question…’YOURSELF’. To stand out, just be yourself. Being yourself allows people to feel as if they’re on your journey with you and allows for transparency and authenticity to always be present.

Q3) What are your top 3 do’s and dont’s for blogging?

My top 3 do’s:

  • Never be afraid to open up – You can have a tremendous impact in the world by opening up about your fears, whether good or bad.
  • Learn – Linking in with the above, you should want to learn. Blogging has an incredible way of educating us about the digital world, and I find it fun to learn.
  • Interact – One thing I love in blogging is the community. The love and support is incredible, but you need to interact with others, whether responding to tweets or chatting in Twitter chats.

And my dont’s

  • Follow the crowd – When we see something trending and a specific blog post engaging others, it can be hard not to be original. I always say…be the trend-setter, not part of a trend.
  • Overthink – I see this far too often. Rather than overthinking about whether something is right or wrong for the blog or if you have the time, just do it! Less thinking, more action.
  • Look for inspiration – I like to think of my original posts by looking at myself as an inspiration, not someone else. What would happen if those people were not around, where would you find the inspiration?

Q4) What are your blogging goals? How will you achieve them?

My goal is to make a difference. To keep doing what I’m doing and use the gaps that I find in blogging to help others grow. It’s really that simple for me.

Read Johns latest blog here:

If you have an interest in getting involved with the work John does, get in contact with him.

John’s Road to Volunteering is a world-leading third sector blog, providing insight into the voluntary sector, telling my experiences as a volunteer, and how social media is now amplifying my story.

** If you’re interested in featuring in my next ‘Let’s discuss’ post get in contact! 🙂 **



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