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Let’s discuss with LyliaRose (2)

Constantly amazed by how big the networks of blogging are, sharing tips can only improve the blogging community no?

My second blogger is Victoria from Lylia Rose, here’s what she had to say.

Q1) what is the topic of your blog? And how long have you been blogging?

My topic is kind of me! It’s a lifestyle blog which features anything that interests me. My main passions are healthy vegetarian eating, going refined sugar free, natural beauty, healthy living, small businesses, making money from home and my family. These feature a lot. I’ll write about anything else I find that I find fascinating so it’s quite varied. I’ve been blogging for four years in April 2017.

Q2) what tips do you have for making yourself stand out in the blogging world?

Promote, promote, promote! Twitter is my favourite way to attract readers to my blog. Write about things you are passionate about and don’t copy other people. Be inspired, but never ever copy and paste! That’s a big no no. It really put me off one blogger who did exactly this to me. It’s not right.

Q3) what are your top 3 do’s and dont’s for blogging?

My top 3 do’s:

  • Write about what you are passionate about
  • Proof read before hitting publish
  •  Use clear images to enhance your blog post

And my don’ts:

  • Copy and paste from others
  •  Use dark unclear images
  • Keep your blog to yourself – share it with the world and blogging community

Q4) what are your blogging goals? How will you achieve them?

Mainly to enjoy blogging and keep writing about things I like. I’m happy with my blog, but I wouldn’t say no to more traffic and readers! I need to focus on my Pinterest and Instagram more to increase my presence on these channels. It’s just finding the time. I’ll carry on increasing my presence on Twitter as it’s such a good channel for website traffic. I’d also like to write more guest blog posts.

Check out Victoria’s latest blog here:

You can enter her latest giveaway at and read about the prize in more detail here:
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