Motivation / Postgraduate

Wake up with determination.. Go to bed with satisfaction

This week has been hectic and really quite tiring. I returned to London for the week due to 2 family members birthdays, but the main reasons I returned are work related as I’m sure you guessed.

It’s okay to be determined, but it’s also okay to relax on occasion, and I’m working on “giving myself a break” but every morning I have woken up ready to take on a new day and I’ve felt satisfied with the outcomes. This is what my week has been like so far!

Sunday – (Brothers birthday) Travelled from Southampton back to London as there was a Family shindig. Enjoyed myself and saw all the family (Pleasant right!?)

Monday – Signed up at a recruitment agency, I turned up dressed really casual (Jeans, tee and converse) EVERYONE else in the place was dressed in ‘Formal’ attire. I was so embarrassed and probably should have asked before rocking up clearly unprepared. Luckily enough they didn’t comment on my clothing and happily signed me up.

Quick tip: Always ask for the dress code, this way you can prevent any embarrassing occurrences, Learn from my TERRIBLE mistakes. Haha!

Tuesday – Had a job interview, and it went really well! The gentleman whom I met with was lovely and interviews that don’t feel like an interview are the best kinds! After basking in a sense of success I decided it could be a good idea to attend a dance class as I was invited by a close friend I used to dance with. The issue however is/was I hadn’t attended a  dance class for about 3 years!  *I KNOW! quite some time right!* The class was delivered by a group of dancers called J.Y.P – Jason Pinnock (the dancer friend), Yohemy Prosper (Also a member of the New Kings Order – Xfactor) and Paul Chapman. The class was amazing but extremely hard. Dance has changed a lot since I last got involved, but it made me realise how much I miss it, I have to go back! (Plus I promised my friend Abi, that we’d go dance together when I return to London)

Wednesday – Emergency first aid at work course! As fun as they can be… Which isn’t actually that fun….

Thursday – I spent most of the day sleeping. I’m not even ashamed! I think I really needed it, I am absolutely knackered, sometimes you work yourself so hard to achieve your goals but you don’t remember to take some time to rest, you could end up burning out. And that’s not pretty at all..

Give yourself time, don’t be in such a rush because when the time comes to commit to the work you’ve been chasing, there’s been no time to unwind first. You need to be able to answer the question: After spending all that time hunting and applying for jobs when did I actually have a moment to relax?

These are things I’m learning as I go but hopefully this is an insight for those in a similar position.


I also want to take requests for posts, so if there’s anything you want me to speak on please let me know in the comments below or message me!




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