Motivation / Postgraduate

So I’ve finished University… What to do now?

Last assignments have been submitted and I’m left with a sense of accomplishment, however this satisfaction doesn’t last long.. I’ve realised something, you finish uni, you come from a family that cannot support you and you now have to take on this not so friendly economy, BROKE!


What exactly are my choices?


It’s unlikely I will get the first job I apply for, or even the second or third. This could go on for some time. Applying for jobs and being rejected is now a part of life, but survival is important too. Am I now meant to join the (approximate) 1.5 million people claiming job seekers as a graduate because I don’t have the money to survive while I get rejected from job upon job upon job?

These are the thoughts of many students who finish university in the current years.


How do I combat this?

I have been applying for many jobs and have actually been quite successful. I find that when you finish uni you have a moment of euphoria and then the panic sets in. However, it is easy to forget that most of the skills gained from attending uni actually make you quite attractive to employers. You just need to ensure that you gain the relevant experience while studying.

I attended Southampton Solent University and while focusing on my Sport Coaching and Development degree, I had the privilege of being able to attain plenty of voluntary work through Sport Solent; the local sports council for Southampton. As well as the coaching opportunities made available to myself and those on sports courses within the university, I also had the opportunity to create and deliver a coaching innovation project which (it seems) gave me plenty of the skills employers seek.

Word of advise to those finishing uni this year, don’t be so hard on yourself. If you have utilised your connections appropriately you will actually have a chance at breaking into the industry you want.

This blog will be used to document my journey ‘breaking into the industry’ and hopefully provide some insight for those drawing closer to this daunting rite of passage.



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